ACT Hospitality Industry Slams ACT Government’s New “Rubbish Tax”

Date: 05 June 2019

Download the media release here

Buried in ACT Government’s 2019-20 Budget yesterday was an announcement of a new $18 million rubbish tax on Canberra businesses.

From the 2019-2020 financial year, the ACT Government will start taxing businesses on the disposal of their waste. This new rubbish tax is equivalent to a 7% rise in waste disposal costs for commercial operators, including the hospitality industry, across Canberra.

General Manager of the Australian Hotels Association (ACT Branch), Anthony Brierley, said, “In this fragile economic environment, the ACT Government’s rubbish tax will be borne by hospitality businesses who can scarcely afford it. This includes accommodation hotels, pubs, bars, taverns, restaurants and cafes.

“The imposition of this tax has been foisted on the hospitality industry with no prior consultation, no warning, and no modelling of how this new rubbish tax will affect hospitality businesses with slim or negative operating margins.

“This new rubbish tax coincides with the Government’s extortionary commercial rates increases, the highest payroll tax in the nation, and extraordinary rises in electricity prices – from which the ACT Government receives a healthy dividend.

“It’s about time the Government stopped seeing the hospitality industry as its private piggy-bank, and instead institutionalised constructive and proactive engagement.”

This is a rubbish tax on Canberra’s vibrant hospitality industry, and the government should throw it in the compost.