APRA AMCOS 2018 Year In Review report

Date: 01 November 2018

The APRA AMCOS 2018 Year In Review report has just been published showing more members are earning royalties, for more songs, than ever before.

In July 2018, APRA AMCOS welcomed their 100,000th member and the music doesn’t seem to be slowing down as 147,416 licensed business across Australia and New Zealand press play day after day. This year:

  •  47,648 APRA members earned royalties – that’s more people than a packed Allianz stadium.
  • 16,137 writers were paid directly from live performance licence fees.
  • 18,137 earned money from international royalties (music being used in other countries).
  • 1,441,485 compositions (songs) were paid.