Becoming a member of the AHA ACT adds value and helps your business to flourish.  The AHA ACT Branch’s diverse membership base includes leading, licensed hospitality and tourism businesses across the ACT.  This strong and united membership enables hospitality businesses to have an advocacy voice through the AHA ACT Branch, with government and political leaders.

The Branch’s broad membership base is comprehensive and includes pubs, bars, nightclubs, accommodation hotels, restaurants, convention centres and cafés.  Some ACT AHA members also operate retail liquor stores in addition to their on-premise operations.

The AHA ACT’s members employ more than 18,000 people in the ACT and contribute more than $250 million annually to the local economy through payment of local taxes and levies, purchase of utilities, payment of wages and salaries and purchasing goods from local suppliers.

The AHA ACT membership continues to grow – so why not help make our voice louder, stronger and more effective? Enquire now

We always welcome more industry ‘muscle’ – and we welcome you to the AHA ACT!



AHA ACT members can access to wide variety of services, many are free to access, while some are available for a significantly discounted fee-for-service.

Members receive the latest industry information through the following services:

  • Regular updates on the latest developments on legislation, tax, industrial relations, food safety, regulations, law enforcement and other industry services and issues.
  • Member updates and advice relating to industry trends, developments and news
  • Employment relations advice and assistance – through our IR consultant

AHA ACT members also are entitled to a range of lucrative discounts:

  • Sponsor discounts including Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training and other training services.

Learn more about becoming a member and all the benefits available by calling 6273 6633.

Remember, your valuable AHA ACT membership is also 100 per cent tax deductible.